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Businesses use different strategies to secure funding for their operations and growth. Traditionally, business owners turned to commercial banks to meet their needs for business capital. Things have changed. 


In 2015 David Allen Capital was founded by David Rutz, his sole mission was to provide essential banking services to business owners.  The company maximized the possibilities; instead of having one or two hometown banking options, business owners are now able to source funding from over 40 establishments throughout the United States.


DAC hired financial specialists/experts to guide business owners in choosing the best available options to fit their specific needs.  This company has changed the way businesses can secure funding.  If you need funding, today is your lucky day make the most of it.

BUSINESS PAYMENT PROCESSING is the process of facilitating digital transactions between customers and businesses. It involves several steps and parties, such as payment gateways, payment processors, merchant accounts, issuing banks, and card networks. Business payment processing allows businesses to accept various forms of payment, such as credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, and electronic checks. Business payment processing can benefit businesses by increasing sales, improving customer convenience, enhancing security, and reducing operational costs.