Frequently asked questions

What is a Speed Networking Event?  
It is an opportunity for business owners to meet other like-minded business owners at a venue that is primarily for the purpose of meeting and sharing information.  The event focuses primarily on guests meeting each other and sharing information about their businesses.  The goal is for you to meet as many people as possible in a short space of time.

Who will be attending this event?  
Guests are all business owners, in business from 1 to 10+ years. We screen all guests to ensure they are reputable business owners.  Most are sole proprietor, and the decision maker in their respective businesses.

How does it work?
The network session can accommodate approximately 20-30 delegates, each will spend 2-3 minutes (depending on actual attendees). You can get the most out of the event if you prepare a pitch about yourself and have an information sheet with your company’s details. Give a copy to everyone you speak to along with your business card.  Make yourself memorable.

What’s in it for me?
The primary focus in a speed-networking event is that you meet as many people as possible in the shortest time.  In 3 minutes or less, you can decide if you wish to follow up with a delegate, if there is a possibility of a business relationship. By attending only 3 or 4 events you can possibly build a network of over 100 business owners.  You will also get access to the following benefits:

It’s a low keyed informal forum where you are able to meet people who are attending specifically to meet people like you. If you take into account the number of contacts each person you meet has, you are opening the doors potentially to access hundreds of possibilities.

Because you attend, you will enhance your network profile, people will get to know who you are, and the business you operate.  The potential exist for you to make a real deal with someone immediately
About Business Referral Networks

How Does It Work?
These meeting are held early in the morning, usually at a convenient restaurant, where you can have coffee and other refreshments. Each meeting lasts approximately 1 hour and is timed to the minute. If you are usually late; this is probably not for you.

This referral network is modeled after the Business Network International, which we are in the process of applying for a charter.

Who Can Become A Member?
 Only one person per specialty is allowed to join a referral group.  That means if you run an insurance agency, you will be the only insurance agent in the group or if you are into construction, you will be the only one in the group with that specialty.

How do I know if the members are reputable?  

Every member must complete and application and the information provided is checked before they are allowed to become a member.  This is a referral network, even if a member has been properly vetted the onus is on you to do your due diligence before making any commitments.

Can I invite guests to these meeting?

These meetings are closed, it’s for members only.  You can invite a guest; however, they must be pre-screened and can only attend if no one in the group has the same specialty.

What’s in it for me?

  • You get to know the business people in your community
  • You get more referrals to your business
  • You learn the process of networking
  • Special discounted membership in local Toastmasters Clubs learn communication and leadership
  • Twenty five percent discount on all Speed Networking events
  • Discount on membership fees for mastermind groups
Mastermind Group

What is a mastermind group?

According to Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich it is;  "The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

How does a mastermind group work?
The life span of a mastermind group may be six months, a year or longer.  This is consistent with the fact that everything needs time to grow.  It also takes time to accomplish goals and meet objectives. Meetings are usually one hour to 90 minutes depending on the size of the group, which may be up to 10 individuals.  Although the groups are member driven, they require a facilitator who is responsible for the administration and preparation for the meetings. The two other roles necessary for a value-filled meeting are a secretary to take notes of commitments and a timer to ensure that speakers do not exceed their time limits. Everything shared in a mastermind group meeting is confidential.

Can anyone join a mastermind group?
No. Mastermind groups are not for everyone, the individual must have a few characteristics that include the ability to commit to attending meetings, keeping promises and meeting financial obligations. The process used to qualify members includes a self-assessment and a detailed application to determine suitability for the group.  It is important that there is an optimum mix of experience and talent.

Why should I join a mastermind group as a small business owner?
The primary reason to join a mastermind group is for self development and to build your business. A mastermind group provides the following benefits.

  • Accountability:  It is easier to be accountable to others than it is to be accountable to yourself.  It is so easy to rationalize yourself out of doing something that you promised to do. yourself when you share your goals and intentions with others.
  • Feedback:  Members in a mastermind group will give you honest feedback, and you know that when they do, they have your well-being in mind. Feedback can stop you from making costly mistakes.
  • Collaboration:  When you need to bounce an idea off someone, just to see what they think about it, that’s a big benefit of being a member.  You not only learn things that may not be important to you at the time but you never know.  Mastermind groups expand our knowledge of how things work.  
  • Network: A mastermind group is the perfect network vehicle.  You not only able to network with the members but each of them have pledged to share their networks with you. It is the easiest way to quickly expand your network.
  • Resources, Joining a mastermind group gives you immediate access to other members resources.  For example, when I needed a place to hold a mastermind group meeting a member volunteered to use their facilities.
  • Support: Every one of us need a push sometimes, someone to encourage you to keep going when your mind starts drifting, you get that support in a mastermind group.  

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