Networking options

3 Levels of Involvement For Self Development

Make no mistake; Networking and Mastermind Groups work.

 Chasing your dreams can take a lifetime, that is, if you have the stamina to keep pursuing it.  

According to statistics, 85 percent of businesses close their doors within 5 years of starting a small business. 

Beat the odds, do what most are not doing, start networking, develop your own network of support, don’t throw in the towel because you get frustrated

Below are three options you can use to accelerate your business growth. Each of the options below is different, and they are not mutually exclusive.  

Truly, committed business owners may opt to take all three options.  Each will provide you with networking opportunities to accelerate your business growth.


  • In one afternoon you can meet with 25-30 other small business owners.
  • Start Using Your Connections as early as the next day.
  • Expand your industry profile instantly by tapping into other business owners networks
  • Do business with people you like, people do business with people they have met and like.
  • Icebreaker and infromal meeting with potential lifelong friends.
  • Maximize your time by choosing people who can move your business forward..
  • Prepare an "About Me" page to share with other business owners 


  • Weekly Networking Meeting with local business owners in your business community.
  • 52 Meetings annually Structured to share referrals, ideas and support for local business owners.
  • One Business per industry; provides a non competitive forum where all the relevant referrals are yours
  • Establish your business contacts, create a sustainable Referral program for your business.
  • Get "plugged in" to your community .
  • Seek new business or career opportuinities.
  • Accelerate your profesional development.

  • Monthly, Bi-weekly or Quarterly Meetings with group of progressive business owners like youself.
  • Membership Driven Meetings Structured to ensure that each member gets value.
  • Collaborate with Business owners on any aspect of your business
  • Give & Get Feedback from your peers, and their networks.
  • Accomplish any goal you set your mind to with the support of other members .
  • Instantly Add Resources that will become accessible as a member of a mastermind group.
  • Grow your business quicker and easier than working alone.

You Decide

We recommend: That you start slow, the quickest easiest way to build your business network is by attending a Speed Networking Mixer.

Wet your toes, get to know a few people, and experience the power of networking.  
We urge you to act fast if your entreprenuerial spirit pulls you  to become a founder in our New Business Referral Network project, Get the details.

To be successful at whatever you are doing the question is not if, but when are you going to join a Mastermind Group.
Find out how to start and run your own mastermind group  that is convenient to you.


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