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How Can I Help You Make More Money?

Hello My Friend,
I’m a business coach with the heart of a marketer and the passion of an entrepreneur.

My specialty is helping small business owners to find and define the unique difference in their business. I do this by first building a solid business foundation based on a proven and tested process of generating a workable business model.  I then use this business model to show them how to attract the right customer segment, articulate their value proposition and brainstorm additional revenue streams. 

Helping people gives me a feeling of satisfaction. The reality is that I am unknown. Sharing, gets you to know me and it helps you build your business.  The business model canvas will help you but the only way you will really believe me is if you use it in your business. .  

I want to help you, before you ever think about paying for anything. . 

 How I Can Help You For Free

My big offer is the free strategy session.  Why?  Because with a free session you can start on your own customized business model. At the end of the session you will begn to understand the value of the Business Model Canvas.  You are free to continue it alone, follow along on the free training or for a small fee get monthly coaching.  

The next freebee is the The Growth Evaluator.  You can use it, without any obligation. It is a self administered, one page document with 23 questions about your business foundation, business building, marketing and selling.  It is free to download.

I like writing, I maintain a business wordpress blog to share business modeling ideas and marketing tips. You can also get free business building reports and marketing questions answered on the OnlineMarketing Hangout with Alex Mendossian

My intention is to find a way to help you build your business.  You have a rich selection of powerful business building resources on the site, , use them.  I am here to help, use me, I am here to help. .

You risk nothing. 




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