3 Compelling Reasons To Network

Dating In Business 


If you have read anything about the Speed Networking you know the concept has evolved from Speed Dating. The truth is networking is very much like dating.  When you network, you are looking for a match with a business owner you can connect with, one you can build a long relationship with that will last many years.

In your personal life, you know what you want for a partner, well sort of, but at least you know what you don’t want.  The difference in business networking is that you must be strategic, your time is a valuable asset, this is business not pleasure.  With the right mindset, and a well thought out networking system you will have a successful networking experience.

Granted it does take time to build an efficient network but the benefits are perpetual. With a networking system works you will:.

  1. Build Your Customer Base: A well-oiled network will send you many referrals, people you would never walk into your business. People know people who are looking for products and services.  Word of mouth advertising is free and powerful. Your business can grow from referrals.
  2. Get Expert/Experienced Business Advice: Let’s face it, as small business owners running a business we are supposed to know everything about that business. We make expensive decisions and pay to learn as we go along.  That would not happen if you are connect to a network.  Ultimately, before you make any important decision it always helps to get a second objective opinion.
  3. Opportunities for Co-op Advertising & Promotions:  With an efficient network, you can potentially find a business owner with a non-competing products or services that you can advertise with reducing advertising expenses. Host events or share customers. Plus, you get access to new products and services that you would only be able to acquire as a regular customer.  You will enjoy the best service because you are trusted and connected client.

These are three intangible benefits that are possible to gain from having an efficient network in your business.  Ignore them at your own peril.  Once you have set up your networking system it should be like plug and play each time you meet a potential networking partner you will know exactly how to automate these benefits to your business.

Here is a quick exercise for you.  Get a piece of paper and list the names of people sends you new customers, people you can turn to for business advice.  If you list less than ten, you need to start growing your network now.

Enjoy your day.

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