Business Networking is Not a One Time Event

At Events You Meet People, Networking Happens After


Business networking is a process that may start at an event but if it ends there, nothing happens.

Business networking is building relationships, making friends, people you feel comfortable with, people you know better than the average Joe.

Business networking is not something you have to learn about (except for removing the myths) we network every day and use our networks repeatedly.

Our families are networks, our communities, our schools, our work places, online groups are all networks that we use, have formed easily and rely on for support.

Business networking is not any different but like most things in business, it you need to know how it works.

When business owners say that they have networked at events; what they are saying is that they have talked to people who could have been their friends.  If it ended there, they did not network, they may have thought that they did.

Nobody called them back so it was a total wasted. But it is not that the other person did not follow-up[ they didn’t. They did not follow up because they expected a call, an email. The result is that networking is not attractive, like one business owner said; “just an exchange of business cards”

First paradigm shift: networking is not an event it is a system with input, a defined process, and output; like a computer. Meeting new business owners, collecting business cards are the input, without the process there will be no output; period.

You need a networking system, not just a networking event. Better yet, you need an automated networking system that includes follow-up with phone calls, emails and or another face to face meetings; the process.

Without the process the event will always be a waste of your time, networking will not work for you.

Do you have a networking system in your business?.

If you do, please share what you do. Other business owners would love to know.