Why Is Mindset Critical To Business Networking?

Pre-Networking Preparations


The Answers Are Not Blowing In The Wind; They Are Inside

As was pointed out before, there must be a system in order for networking to work.

We agreed that the first we must have the input, i.e. meet people that can be potentially network partners.  We also pointed out that your mindset is part of that input that goes into networking.

Here’s how networking works.  By now, you realize that networking is not an event; it takes time to develop useful networks.  You may also know that it is impossible to predict exactly what resources the people you meet will have at their disposal.

Does that mean it is also impossible to set networking goals?

Not really.  This is where mindset plays an important part. In your mind, you have no doubts about exactly what you need to build your business.   Even if you have never attended a networking event, you have read books, articles or may have heard it touted workshops and seminars as one of the most powerful business building tools.

That is the typical mindset of a small business owner.

But wait! There is something missing from that mindset.  Remember in a previous post, we pointed out that the only reason a business owner will network is to meet a need?  That is the same reason you will network. Right?

What’s missing from that mindset is you, your business; what you bring to the table.  Before you network, it is important that you take an inventory of yourself.   Ask yourself these questions…

What do I have to offer to another business owner?  Remember the words of an old song; “nothing from nothing leaves nothing, you gotta have something if you wanna be with me…”  It’s the same with networking, if you put nothing in, there is nothing you can get out of it.

Your First Step: Self Inventory:

What skills have you acquired that can help another business owner?  It may or may not be your primary business services.  Consider the skills of other business owners in your network. You may have a super accountant or a business coach you could recommend.

What resources do I have that another business can use?  This refers to physical resources, you may have an over capacity or unused resources in your business that you could make available to a business. Maybe it is even possible to trade inventory.  And, finally…

How much time am I willing to put into networking my business?   Whether you decide to attend networking events, go to more cocktail parties, workshops, workshops or just go introduce yourself to the business owners in your community, your networking mindset will determine your success.  It is a commitment you should consciously make.

The answers to these questions are crucial to building the right mindset to create a sustainable business networking system.  Your honest responses  to yourself can reveal your present mindset about business networking.

What you think, believe, and have experienced make up your mindset.

Are you ready?  Do you have a sustainable networking mindset?