What Is So Remarkable about Business Networking?

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Challenges of Building A Business Networking Membership Site

For the last two weeks I have been working on building this Business Networking Membership site.

I am sharing just one of my trials and tribulations of the process.  After all that’s what blogs are all about; sharing.


Why are You Reading This?


 It’s therapeutic for me, when I share here I get more clarity. When I know someone else is going to read I reread it to make sure I am clear to myself at least.  
Comment if you want, if you don’t that’s ok too because most people just read and go.  Are you like most?  I know the minute that you think I am talking nonsense, you done.  
And, if you think I am crazy or at least not thinking rational; I will hear it immediately. (People just get some type of perverted joy from being the first to identify a crazy person).
So here is my latest ah-ha: it takes time, especially since I have no formal training in coding.  What I know of WordPress I learned online. I can work with those limitations, it takes me more time but it is satisfying. 
No that was not my ah-ha, it was when I identified  “social currency” of business networking and specifically as it relates to membership in a business networking membership site.
Let’s face it, business networking is about making connections, meeting people who can help your business.  It is nothing new. 
If you are in business you already have business networks; you have suppliers, vendors, customers, maybe employees all of whom you depend on for your business to operate smoothly.  
These networks were built out of the necessity for your business survival. But here is the kink, you built those networks with no defined plan. Your only objective was to sustain your business so you formed your networks as needed.
Professional Business Networking, however, start purposefully, with not only an objective but defined strategy and goals.  
Most small business owners believe that Business networking is about customer acquisition.  An opportunity to get a new sale increase productivity.  

If they didn’t think it would, then they will never consider it but it is a mindset that has destroyed many real networking possibilities.

So here is the “inner remarketability” of Business Networking;  Most small business owners know that business networking can get them more business they just have not figured out how to leverage their networks to build their businesses.  
So why is that remarkable?  Well for one thing, everything a business owner needs to build a customized business network is at his finger tips.  He even has networks that he/she is not accessing now. Not using business networks because of a lack of simple common sense, well not so common now.
What is also remarkable about business networking is that it can get you preferred repeat, and frequent customers. Business networking produces referrals and that is the basis for billions of dollars in business transactions.

Listen to Jay Abraham on referrals.

Referrals are the ultimate social currency.  It is the “inner remarkablity” of business networking.
The challenge is Knowing how to leverage business networking to make it happen in your business.
The reason behind the Business Networking Membership site.
What you think?