Build Your Professional Business Network In 180 Days or Less


Picture this.

You’re sitting on the set of your local television station, talking about a product you created.  You are instantly reaching thousands of potential buyers; FREE.

Or, an article appearing in the local newspaper about your product, your service; FREE.

All you say is Thank You.

That is the result of networking.

It’s quite possible when you are in constant contact with like minded business owners who are committed to networking and collaborating,  You can build a network of supportive business owners.

Networking is not selling, but that does not mean you can’t access products and services you need from your network.

Business networking is a valuable marketing asset but you must understand how it works and how you can install a business networking system in your business.

Become a member free for 30 day, find out more about business networking

product6Here’s  What You Get As A Member:

red-square  A direct connection to local business owners who are willing to trade, barter and exchange goods and services with you.

red-square   A forum for business networking, where you learn how to network while being able to bounce ideas, get advice, create joint ventures or partnerships.

red-square  Weekly business networking briefing to refocus your networking energies. Here you will get very familiar with the 10 essential networking characteristics.

red-square  Monthly Webinars covering essential networking strategies and tactics to help you build your own networking system.

red-square  Access to free information that you can use to build a customized  networking system for your business. Document everything with this.

red-square  Discount on live or online training or networking events hosted by Twin Island Connectors.

red-square  Meticulously selected videos published by experts in business networking. Including University level training videos on Networking Communication.

red-square  Answers to any business networking questions you may have.

red-square  Business Networking EBooks, original articles, on business referal networks and Mastermind Groups


Networking Is Much More Than Exchanging Business Cards

2719612358_facb0db575Why 6 months or less?

Drip learning, some people will “get it” quicker than others.  Sooner or later, you too will “get it” it is not expected that you will stay here forever.

Business Networking is a simply a marketing tool, one of the least expensive ways to build your business.  This knowledge, you keep for a lifetime. Become a member, and find out how to leverage the networks you have now.