Business referral Networks

Become A Founding Member

Organizing a business referral network can be an opportunity for you to become a foundation member in a Business Referral Network.  Your first question is obvious; why?

Why would anyone want to take on the responsibility of starting a referral network in Trinidad?

Why is there not one Chapter in Trinidad and Tobago?

Why would anyone pay money to attend a weekly meeting?

The stark reality is that you need to know what’s in it for you, and how can it be done.  First thing first, this is not a money-making opportunity, it will not make you rich with boatloads of cash.  The real value is in the process. 

As one of the founders of an organization that has a history and a structure that will benefit everyone who becomes involved.  Networks are powerful, in Trinidad we know how easy it is to get things done with “contacts, connections”. 

Imagine, taking all those loose contacts and connections and organizing them so that small business owner share their customers by referring them to a non-competing business.  And, imagine the networks, the number of small business owners you will get to know and help in the process; priceless. 


How you become a founder?

The first step is to establish a local Business Referral Network consisting of a maximum of 10 business owners. 

Next, an application to Business Network International will be submitted to initiate the first Chapter in Trinidad.

The application will be successful.

That’s it in a nutshell.

If you would like to become a founding member, use the contact form on this site to let us know. You will be provided more details at that time. Go Here

The Count is 2

The mighty oak tree started as a tiny seed that fortunatley landed on fertile ground.

If you agree and accept the challenge, your netwoking will begin immediately upon acceptance.

A picture. will be posted here with a short detail you choose.  Networking is no secret.