About Tony Puckerin

Tony Puckerin

I am Tony Puckerin, your facilitator in the Mastermind Groups.  I will like to share with you some things about myself to prove to you that I have earned the right to facilitate your Mastermind Group. 

 I‚€™m passionate about helping small business owners build their businesses using innovative, simple business tools. 

Mastermind Groups is one of those tools. 

My Story

Trinidad and tobaoBorn in Trinidad in 1953, I immigrated to the United States at the age of 19. Most Trinidad immigrants moved to Brooklyn, NY but because of my father, I ended up in Boston, Massachusetts, my home State for 30 years.  usarmy

That was in 1972, the era of the Vietnam War. I volunteered into the US Army, endurede 3 years of military discipline, and was honorably discharged in 1975.  

I immediately enrolled in the University of Massachusetts, where I graduated with a BSc. in Business Management.

After graduation, I returned to Trinidad and began my professional career as a junior consultant with an √Ę‚‚¨Ň“old-school√Ę‚‚¨¬ consulting company, The Alexander Proudfoot Company (APC) out of Miami, USA. 

After graduation, I returned to Trinidad and began my professional career as a junior consultant with an ‚€œold-school‚€ consulting company, The Alexander Proudfoot Company (APC) out of Miami, USA. 

My first assignment was with the National Commercial Bank of T&T, providing operational and behavioral training to the Bank‚€™s 21 Branches. That was in 1986, the T&T economy took a nosedive.

That year I returned to the US and started a new career in the automobile industry to which I gave 13 years good years of my life. 

As an independent contractor, I literally ran myself as a business without the overhead.


mastermind in trinidadThis was an everyday professional dress, suit and tie, competitive but very lucrative profession that required constant communication with complete strangers.   It was my school for interpersonal relationships.  One day I walked into the General Manager‚€™s office and recommended that the dealership establish an Internet Sales Department. 

Funny thing about making recommendations, In two twos, I found myself as the Manager of the dealership‚€™s Internet department.  

It was one of the first established automobile dealership departments in the Metropolitan Boston area.   Consistently we were able to generate sales production by 40 plus additional units a month. 

After two years in that position, I felt I had acquired enough skills to venture on my own.  I shook hands with the General Manager of the dealership and walked away from the Internet Manager position. 

I immediately reinvented myself to become an ‚€œAutomotive Internet Consultant.   The services I offered included developing a branded website for small and mid-sized dealerships, training staff to process incoming leads using the Internet and the phone.

In 2007, because of a family emergency, I returned to Trinidad.  That year, I made a decision to stay in Trinidad and in 2008 I registered, the Guerilla Marketing Consulting Company.

Primarily, The Company focused on assisting small business owners in Trinidad to establish a web presence and facilitate behavioral staff training.

Notable past clients include:        

Pivoting to Mastermind Group


With my training as a facilitator, the transition has been a learning experience.

My goal is to establish 3 virtual mastermind groups that meet on a regularly scheduled basis. 

The objective of each mastermind group is to provide members with the resources to first generate a visible business model, then to iterate it to accomplish their business goals.

Also, to provide the framework and training for individuals who will like to start their own mastermind group.

Why is Mastermind Groups Different?

A mastermind group is a revolutionary different approach because the focus is on developing your business.  It is not offer an overnight quick fix like a one or two-day workshop.  Mastermind groups are for an extended period, enough time to implement, execute and measure the improvements in your business performance.

As a mastermind member, find out how to use business modeling to gain greater control of all your important business functions.  It will save time and money, while bringing clarity by identifying areas for improvement in your business structure.

Simultaneously, it will also help you to reduce the mental stress of not being on top of all the aspects of your business.  This will increase your productivity and overall performance.   Imagine knowing that every functional element is covered, including customers, suppliers, costs, revenue and marketing, without working long hours or attending numerous workshops and seminars.

This mastermind group is specifically for business owners who appreciate the value of having like-minded individuals share and assist in achieving their business or personal goals.  The group will guide you through generating a business model while fine-tuning it to leverage your resources and maximize your business potential.

It requires committed members who are dedicated to helping each other realize their chosen goals. My task is to provide you with the structure, coordinate, administrate, and facilitate the meetings. 

This is the culmination of my career, using the skills I have gained over the years to help others fulfil their dreams. What lights me up about this work is knowing that I have made a big difference to the life of someone who will eventually help others. 


 Six things about me and my experience that might surprise and delight you ‚€“ while showing you other perspectives of who I am.

These are short tidbits of my life that few people know about.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Although I am an introvert, I spent over 13 years in direct sales.  I was able to  establish myself as one of the top of 20 salespeople in a large very competitive automobile dealership in Boston.  I did it by setting daily and weekly goals and exceeding them.

2     Two weeks after arriving in Boston I enlised in the United States. My choices at the time was a dead end factory job, working in a hospital or the rent-a-cop security.  The GI Bill, especially, the education assistance, attracted me and was the reason I enrolled in the US Army. Despite my temtation to stay, I was honarably discharged in 3 years. Five years later I graduated from the University of Massachusetts.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              3I was responsible for establishing one of the first Internet sales department in the largest dealerships in the Boston Metropolitan region. I am a visionary; I love the idea of creating my future.  My vision was realized when I reinvented myself to become an independent automobile consultant setting up Internet sales departments in a number of dealerships.

4  studentorganizertaxiI co-authored and published a book ‚€œCaribbean Student Daily Organizer‚€ a workbook designed to provide a daily and weekly plan for students in high schools and universities.  Sold hundreds of copies to schools in Trinidad and as far as students in New York City.



    I am a community activist and organizer. I held the office of Village Council President for 3 consecutive years.  I am also a volunteer member of the Aster Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago, an NGO with a mission to educate the population about Bipolar Disorder. I also assist the National Association of Village and Community Council to maintain their web site and Facebook page.

6    I am a proud father of 3 grown children, one man and two women. The oldest, is 32 years old, the youngest is in her late twenties. Today I am single, I live in Trinidad and all my chlidren live in the United States. I prefer to believe that life is a series of small choices. I made my choices and feel content with my life.  Family is always important.    


Why Am I Sharing This?

The truth is that I am asking you to trust me with your time. Most people will not read this far unless they are really interested in the benefits of joining a mastermind group.  

If this is your first mastermind experience, I want you to have a superior mastermind experinece. If you ever join a group, you will also be asked to share of yourself.  What you share is up to you but I promise you that the more you give of yourself, the more you will get in return. 

To be authentic with others you first need to be real with yourself.  Nobody is perfect, nature and nauture ensures imperfection. Knowing perfection never made anyone perfect.  Doing, executing   proven personal and business tactics bring us a lot closer to perfection.  Close enough for the government.   

As I reflect on my personal life, I actually see contradictions with my professional life experiences. As a consultant, my forte has always been my ability to shift a client's paradigm to focus on what matters most to their customers. In my personal life, I focused on what mattered most to me. In business and in your personal life that is a weakness.

If you are a business owner, operating your business solo, seriously consider joining or starting a mastermind group. I am not saying that you jump on the band wagon with me, Lord knows I will never be able to accomodate everyone,what I am saying is to get started. '

Your investment in time is minimal and the rewards are huge and guaranteed. 

This is a one of a kind opportunity.  A mastermind group can help you increase your income by stream lining your focus on what matters most

Unfortunately, the bigger a mastermind group gets, the less effective it becomes.  It is therefore limited to a few spots.  Find out how you can start your own mastermind group, at the next webinar. 

Sign up on the notification list and get the free gift.

Thank you for reading this About Me page, it would be my pleasure to share what I know about mastermind groups with you