Mastermind groups

Mastermind groups

If you want to find out to set goals now for tomorrow's benefit....
Then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read!

 Do You Have A Goal, A Project, An Idea You Know Will Be  Successful But You Have Only Been Thinking About It  For The Last 6 Months or More?


The human species is equipped with goal seeking mechanism that validates its existence to give purpose, sustain and prorogate life.  

You believe that; "if you shoot for the moon, maybe you'll hit the stars", and  "what you believe, you can achieve". Words that inspire us to seek, do, be more.  

Unfortunately, most of us ignore the Goals Gurus who say to succeed quicker and easier, write your goal down.  Either we cannot find the time to write out our goals or just don't think it is a priority.  Even in the face of studies that have shown with a high degree of accuracy that "you are 50 percent more likely to succeed with a goal if you wrote it down". Yet...

"Only 3 out of every 100 adults write their goals on paper"


Tony Puckerin, Maracas.St Joseph Trinidad & Tobago

4:12 pm, Monday Afternoon

Dear Friend,

The best strategy to set and accomplish your goals is as old as Jesus Christ.

Read every word here if you have goals in your head, things you want to make happen, a bucket list of personal or business accomplishments which you have in mind.   If you are seriously looking for some way to get the most out of your life, keep reading.

Most people die with dreams in their heads.

You can have big dreams, big goals germinating in your head; the time has come to plant and water those seeds or they will die. Too many people die before they can realize their dreams.  

Your being here, reading this; says a lot about you.  You have goals, goals that you want to realize as soon and as quickly as you can.   

You are about to learn the same process that Jesus Christ used with his 12 disciples, to spread Christianity to every corner of the globe over hundreds of years.  The same process used by thousands of successful business owners for thousands of years. 

Napoleon Hill, in his classic book  "Think and Grow Rich" identified the single common characteristic of each of these business owners that impacted their success.  

He called it the collective consciousness, the universal mind, the  mastermind. 

The idea is simple; a mastermind group is formed whenever two or more minds come together in an alliance to accomplish individual or group goals. That third mind, i.e. the connection of two or more minds, is the mastermind.  

Mastermind Groups have now evolved into a structured process that can benefit anyone with a goal.  

When you become a member of a mastermind group, the first thing you realize is that..


Mastermind Groups Are not Like Any Other Success Strategy 

 Membership in a mastermind group means you have your very own personal board of directors, personal development coach or, business guide and network, complete with their resources at your disposal; anytime! Simply put...

Mastermind groups are mainly about accomplishing goals.  

Unfortunately, membership IS NOT for everyone.  

There are people who are anti-social, unwilling to share ideas, greedy, selfish, and worst of all never ever think about setting goals.  Of course, that is extreme, nobody is like that; right? But there are some people whose characteristics makes them unfit to join a mastermind group. 

How do you know if you have what it takes?  Questions are the answer..

When you ask yourself the right questions, the self answers.  Begin you ask yourself some questions. Take our no obligation, short goal setting questions designed to identify your propensity to accomplish your goals.  Share your opinions  about goals.  

This goal questioning process is exactly what you need to light a fire, spark yourself into action.   Take the quiz, and discover yourself in the process.  You can interpret the results yourself but you will get a summary of our analysis.    Did you know that one study found that... 

mastermind groups
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This quiz is designed to collect data that will provide culmative answers as to your goal achieving characteristics.  The purpose is start you thinking about your goals. You already know goals are  importand to your succcess  Take this  no obligation, no right answer, quiz. Take it, to start the process; goals are the first step to your success. 

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mastermind groups
All Motivational 'Gurus' Agree That Goals Should Be Written Down


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Tony Puckerin

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