Small business Power networking +++ 

Is an opportunity you never knew you had, still an opportunity?

All businesses, no matter the type, size, location or industry have one thing in common; people. .

It's also true that in order to grow, learn, acquire or own anything; you need two things: time and people.

It follows that the longer you know a greater number of people, the greater the possibility that you will be successful as a person and in business.. 

Time is your most valuable asset.,


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Mastermind Groups
Knowledge is power, it follows that power is knowing.

Knowledge is also knowing what you don't know, when you know, you become an open receptacle for more knowledge.  It is  circular process..

knowledge becomes powerful when you realize that knowing what others know,  can make your dreams come true. Your knowledge is limited to your culture,  personal experience, and your vocation or academic education.

Accessing the collective knowledge of your peers and associates in a mastermind group is the only way to instantly add to your limited knowledge.

It was Napoleon Hill in his book Think And Grow Rich who first articulated this concept. Read this article in Forbes Business Magazine  7 Reasons to Join Mastermind Groups
Business Referral Networks
In 1985 a business owner  in Charlotte, NC. USA started the first Business Referral Network.

Ivan Misner organized weekly meetings with local business owners to share referrals and business opportunities.

One important criteria was only one business per industry was allowed. .

Today, Business Network International

Not one in Triidad and Tobago

The closest Chapter in the region is in Barbados..Is that a missed opportunity? .

It's the time for a change, find out  more about how you can help. Here 
has over 200,000 members and 7500 Chapters in ALMOST every country in the world.